2021 | 10 min.
Flatlands Dance Film Festival | January 22nd in Urbana, Illinois 2021
San Francisco Independent Short Film Festival 2021
Athens Digital Arts Festival 2021
Lights Dance Festival Seattle 2021

While the world forces you to stay at home, imagination nevertheless allows you to go OFF COURSE.
MY life MY choice
2020 | 1 min.

Woman, sexy, woman, sweet, woman, friendly, woman, smart, woman, pregnant, woman, mum, woman, wife, woman, athletic, woman, feminine, woman, housewife, woman... me?
She bends until she breaks or she breaks out.
2020 | 3 min.

Side effects of isolation during Covid-19.
2019 | 12 min.

Mia has an unexpected day off. It is the middle of the week, the outside world is busy.
A whole day full of TIME to her free disposal lies in front of her. She feels the inner pressure of having to have a great TIME, while executing action after action just to fill all this TIME.